Glen is one of Veridian’s co-founders with over 20 years in financial services, most recently as CEO of Robson Financial, Glen has helped dozens of companies evolve from their earliest stages through their growth and exit phases. Serving in roles from founder to adviser and industries as diverse as real estate and viticulture, Glen brings intelligence, financial acumen, and strong leadership to the table. In an industry that can feel like nothing but numbers, his strongest point is quite likely his inherently human touch.

“At Veridian, we like to say our goal is to be best-in-class. When we talk about best-in-class, we think of it as a reflection of the way we engage with people. That’s not the kind of goal where we can hit a certain revenue target and say, ‘We did it! We’re done!’ By our own definition, best-in-class has to be something we strive for all the time, every day, with every client. That’s the real goal.”